The Return of MySpace

It probably doesn’t sound like the best of ideas for MySpace to consider a re-launch of their product. A couple of years ago it was sold for a very paltry price of $35 million after a valuation only a few years before that of $550 million. It’s crazy how fast the site deteriorated, but I can tell you that I was never involved in that website. Not once!

I might have gone there to take a look at some band pages or perhaps to check out one or two songs that were out there and were being pressed upon people, but was never a user, just a browser and that too not a big one.

So yes, MySpace have relaunched and they’ve gone for a look that looks like mash-up of what they had in mind with Pinterest, and while it looks good, I don’t think they have even the slightest chance of achieving much with it. Check it out here.

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